Volunteer Heroes


MaryLou Plutschak, CASA of Caroline Volunteer Advocate

MaryLou Plutschak has been a CASA volunteer since 2008.  With a master’s degree in counseling as well as an undergraduate background in psychology and sociology from the University of Maryland, MaryLou was prepared to help children in need as a child advocate. 

MaryLou began her history of working with her community in 1972 when she started her career with the State of Maryland. She worked in the Parole and Probation Division as an agent supervising adult offenders in the community and preparing pre-sentence investigations for the court. She worked her way up to being a supervisor and worked at several management levels. MaryLou credits her career as helping her develop the skills necessary to work with a variety of individuals. Listening more and treating everyone with respect are two skills that have helped her the most.

When MaryLou retired from her position as a Regional Administrator at the end of 2007, she had already decided in her mind that she wanted to work with children. MaryLou had spent her entire career working with adults and could use many of those skills to help children in need. In a case of perfect timing, MaryLou saw an ad looking for CASA volunteers for Caroline County before she retired and began training in January of 2008.

Currently, MaryLou is working with a seventeen year old boy who is preparing to graduate high school in May. She describes him as being smart, personable, and having a lot of potential. When he turns eighteen in July, MaryLou plans to encourage him to remain in the system so he can receive all the opportunities available to him.

Recently, her CASA youth received his driver’s license on his first try! When no one else was available to teach him, MaryLou helped him get the 60 practice hours he needed. Her teen also purchased a used car with money he made from his part-time job and she helped him complete all the paperwork necessary to get it out on the road!

Outside of helping her teen with driving, MaryLou helps him keep his schedule straight between doctor’s appointments and regular check-ups, blocking off time for other activities like getting a haircut or setting up a bank account so he can keep tabs on his finances and take control of his financial future.

By working with her CASA youth, MaryLou feels that she is contributing to her community in an important way. She says it’s wonderful to work with children and she hopes she has made a difference in the lives of those she has advocated for

So why should someone volunteer with CASA? MaryLou says it’s a rewarding opportunity to help the children who need it most in the community. She also says that she has gained many new friends and has had a lot of interesting experiences. If someone is interested in becoming a CASA but hasn’t taken the next step yet, MaryLou says to sign up today!

Thank you MaryLou for going above and beyond for your CASA youth!